Kick a pair of Cleats to Kenya!

For several years now we have been noticing that in the places we give out soccer balls the kids are also lacking other soccer equipment. Sometimes they only have white t-shirts with numbers drawn in marker as jerseys, and very often are playing in their bare feet.

Though Zeb started this mission to just provide soccer balls, we know we can do more. Starting this year we are gathering cleats that have been outgrown and sending them to the kids in Kenya who would otherwise play barefooted.

How it works:

Players, bring the used pairs of cleats to your next soccer practice or game.  Your coach will provide a bag or box to put them in and they will be shipped to Kenya.

Coaches, collect all donated pairs of cleats and store them in bags or boxes.  When you are finished with the campaign call Rick at (817) 896-8537 to make the arrangements for handing off the cleats to Zeb’s Foundation.