We couldn’t achieve the reach we have without partners. One group that has reached out to work with us is Feed The Hungry USA which provides meals for more than 260,000 children around the world – And now they are helping distribute #ZEBSTRONG soccer balls as well.

In the fall of 2019 Roger Walterhouse, their Director of Ministry Programs, delivered soccer balls to a tournament way out in the country in Honduras.

As opposed to having team uniforms you can see that the MVP of the tournament just had a scrimmage jersey to wear – most kids like the other age group MVP’s have generic jerseys or t-shirts – and they write their team names and numbers on with markers.

Seeing this makes us remember how Zeb used to go online and use his creative side to design socks, shoes and uniforms. He had so many socks and shoes that he would design online. We would love to some day be able to expand support for rural soccer programs around the world by providing jerseys and entire gear kits for teams in addition to balls.